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As the technical branch of the Activar family of companies, Activar Technical Products Group (ATPG) focuses on turnkey technical integration solutions for a variety of fields and industries. Beginning with the design process through assembly, our innovative and talented team partners with yours to ensure each project is completed to your exact specifications. ATPG specialties include automated material handling systems, metal and contract machining, precision motorized spindles, and medical and oil centrifuges.

We are proud that our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, showing our commitment to provide quality products and services and to continuous improvement.

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Quickdraw Conveyor Systems

State-of-the-art Quickdraw Conveyor Systems were specially designed for use in automation processes. These conveyors can handle a variety of load capacities, have bidirectional operation and are compatible with many auxiliary devices. Quickdraw’s material handling solutions will help solve your most challenging production needs.

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Mid America Precision Manufacturing

Mid-America Precision Manufacturing has been providing metal machining, fabrication and contract manufacturing solutions for more than 40 years. Their expansive machine shop makes them the perfect partner for any metal fabrication or assembly need. MAPM also specializes in motor spindle devices that spin at extreme speeds and conditions with little to no vibration.

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Revolution Centrifuge Systems

Revolution Centrifuge Systems provides solutions resulting in superior by-pass filtration, extended drain intervals, and prolonged engine life. Their Revolution Centrifuge technology reduces bearing and piston ring wear for overall lower maintenance costs while protecting the environment by providing cleaner combustion and lower emissions.

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“The quality of the conveyance system and working attitude have won a good reputation for Quickdraw inside our company.”

US-based Electric Car Manufacturer

“Quickdraw’s engineers have been extremely helpful, offering us the flexibility to develop the conveyor solution we require.” 

Gas & Water Metering Manufacturer in Minnesota



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